About Me

I find my work to be very rewarding. I enjoy connecting with people and strive to learn as much as possible about therapy and life in general. I began my education at the University of Washington, where I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. I then completed my M.A. in Mental Health Counseling at Antioch University emphasizing both individual and family therapy. I have worked at Seattle Mental Health and gained experience counseling individuals and families dealing with a variety of issues. I have also volunteered at the Cancer Lifeline and Seattle Mental Health.  I opened my private practice in 2008.

I view therapy as a unique, collaborative process that unfolds naturally between a client and myself. Our discussions can include many different topics. Often, we may work together to examine possible connections, themes, patterns, and relationships that may be affecting your life in unforeseen ways. I am easy to talk to, open-minded, practical, caring, and intuitive. I will also encourage you to explore “what you want out of your life.” I will assist you in identifying and making small personal changes in order to increase your sense of self, well-being, and connection to others. I am here to support you throughout this challenging process.